The College

Established in 2006, Coppicewood College is a small educational charity dedicated to the promotion of traditional woodland management through sustainable methods. These include coppicing and the use of hand tools.

The Main focus of the College is the woodland Skills 6-month course which offers the unique opportunity to experience coppicing and woodland skills throughout the entire coppicing season. The college also offers short courses including coppicing, hedge-laying and green woodworking.

In recent years, members and volunteers at the college have been involved in the building of a new timber-framed headquarters building and compost toilet. These are now complete, giving us excellent facilities whatever the weather.

The college has volunteer days which are usually open to anyone keen to get involved with woodland conservation. Working alongside instructors and students, volunteers are an important element in the management of the woodland, including supporting a coppice rotation system and creating a diverse plant and wildlife habitat.

Coppicewood College’s affordable courses cover all aspects of coppice practice, hedge-laying and coppice craft.

Coppicewood College is a Registered Charity in Engand and Wales 1107250