Welcome to Coppicewood College

A small educational charity dedicated to the promotion of traditional woodland management, using sustainable methods.

Our college is based in the beautiful Pengelli National Nature Reserve, which is a SSSI site owned by the West Wales Wildlife Trust. Alongside the Trusts’ employees and volunteers we are working to conserve of one of the largest blocks of ancient Oak Woodland in West Wales.

Our main event – the Woodlands Skills Course offers students the unique opportunity to work through an entire coppice season, restoring neglected woodland and bringing it back into a productive coppice rotation. Students learn a wide range of skills including Felling with an axe and 2 person crosscut saw, working with green wood, pole lathing, Faggot making, small-scale charcoal burning, hedgelaying and spoon carving. We also talk about tree ID, tree biology and the coppice ‘stick’ economy.

Don’t have the time to commit to the 6 month course? Don’t worry, our selection of short courses are equally exciting, They are a great way to gain skills and experience in individual woodland and coppice craft activities.

The Woodland Skills Course

The Woodland Skills Course is the main focus of the Calendar year at Coppicewood College. Running 2 days a week from September to March, this is a fantastic opportunity for our students to immerse themselves in the woodland environment through the entirety of the traditional coppicing season. During the six months our students gain the knowledge, skills and experience required to sustainably manage a woodland using traditional coppicing methods.

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