The Woods

Cwm Plysgog Wood, Cilgerran, West Wales lies two miles west of Cardigan and is the home of Coppicewood College, a small educational charity dedicated to the promotion of traditional woodland management through coppicing and the use of hand tools.

The wood covers 17 acres, the majority of which is mixed broadleaf. This once neglected area is now being regenerated as part of a woodland management plan, much of which will be carried out by staff and students involved with the annual 6 month woodland skills course and the rest by volunteers.

The sound of a chainsaw is rarely heard down in Cwm Plysgog Wood, Visitors often remark about the pleasant and relaxing atmosphere as students and volunteers go about their business. We put this down to the absence of noise pollution, usually caused by modern machinery, which in turn, encourages people to interact with each other as they work.