Pengelli gets a new compost loo

Early this year Coppicewood College was pleased to welcome back Tŷ Pren, to build our new compost toilet. While never the most glamorous of topics the new facility will deliver real benefits for the college and Wildlife Trust. The building is handcrafted and was made by Jamie Miller of Tŷ Pren and the participants of their sixth annual Timber Framing Course, held in Lampeter, in the Autumn of 2020.

The compost toilet has a 360 litre capacity (a large wheelie bin full) that will require emptying only every six months or so. It includes a solid and liquid separation system. The urine can be sequestered, treated, and used as a low carbon fertilizer in the surrounding woodlands. Spreading the benefits! The facility will be used by staff and volunteers at the Coppicewood College and Wildlife Trust at the Pengelly Woodlands.

Jamie was our first apprentice at Coppicewood College, and we are always glad to welcome him and the Tŷ Pren team back.