A message from Martyn Williams membership Secretary:

Coppicewood College is a small registered Charity based in a 12 acre woodland in North Pembrokeshire. Our purpose is to help people understand the importance of managing woodland in a really sustainable manner, using tried and trusted traditional methods and tools,qualifying them to go out and find woodlands to work and bring employment back into rural areas.

The College offers a comprehensive course dealing with all aspects of woodland management over a period of six months from October until March (the coppicing period). We have structured the course over two days per week to allow students to fit in with their usual activities or work commitments.

One of the aims of the College is to ensure that everyone who would like to take our course can do so. Some potential students, particularly the younger ones, cannot afford both the course fees and the cost of any local accommodation they might need.

These days, grants for both College funds and for individual students are increasingly difficult to obtain. One of the ways we can increase our income to help us offer bursaries to younger students especially is by building up our membership numbers.

We need more like-minded people to support us by becoming members. We only need 100 members to offer a bursary to one student.

Just 100 members can together offer a life-changing opportunity to a keen young person. Please go here to see what previous students have to say about our remarkable Woodland Skills Course.

Please help us make a life-changing difference to a young person’s life by helping them follow a pathway to more sustainable living.

Join us today for just £12 minimum annual subscription (April 6th –April 5th) or minimum £60 lifetime subscription.

Members are eligible for a 5% discount on all our short courses.

You will be invited to attend our AGM held in the woodland, usually at the end of April, followed by a lunch and wildlife walk around the woodland which many members feel is alone well worth their subscription!

We hope that most of all you will get that warm feeling of satisfaction which comes when you know that your contribution will be making a difference to all our futures.

Yes Martyn: please sign me up as a member of Coppicewood College

Click here to download a pdf of the membership form.